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A guide to our reclaimed oak flooring styles

Oak flooring and more specifically reclaimed oak flooring provide timeless design to any space. Oak flooring has seemed to skip past any design fads and remain a classic look for decades now. Below we go over our 4 different reclaimed oak flooring styles available for your home or space. 

Rustic Oak

rustic oak flooring
Rustic Oak floorboards

Rustic Oak is how you’d imagine reclaimed oak flooring to look like. It has a character that can’t be matched from modern engineered oak. This type of oak provides a floor that is incredibly rich in colour.  Whether that’s through sunlight, weather or years of wear and tear and cleaning. 

This has usually been treated for use and looks great in a more rustic setting. However, we have seen this laid in a more contemporary setting too. 

Dressed Oak

Dressed oak
Dressed Oak Floorboards

Dressed oak still comes from reclaimed wood, however, the floor facing side has been cut to unearth a fresh oak face that has not been touched by sunlight or weathered from cleaning and such other treatment. 

This provides a fresher and lighter floor but has rays and other markings which give it more character than modern oak. It is worth mentioning that even though it looks similar to modern oak, this type of oak has usually come from much larger trees and been expanded and contracted multiple times during its use and thus stronger. 

Parquet Flooring

reclaimed parquet flooring
Oak Chevron Floorboards

Parquet flooring has seen a revival in the last few years and thus become increasingly popular amongst designers and homeowners. This type of flooring uses much smaller boards and is commonly used in a herringbone pattern.

Another such design is using chevron flooring. This pattern and design require the floorboards to be shaped in a rhombus. See picture to the left

Versailles Panels

Versailles panels, as you can imagine, are named after the famous palace of where they were introduced. This type of flooring requires a lot of attention and construction thus is far more expensive than the other styles. The flooring usually consists of an outerboard with a 45-degree basketweave pattern inside. 

reclaimed Versailles panel
Versailles panel


These are just 4 different types of patterns available with oak flooring. As you can imagine there are more but we feel these are the four most popular choices. 

If you would like to make an enquiry about our reclaimed oak flooring feel free to contact us.

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