About Us 

Lubelska is a family-run business driven by a passion for reclaimed and rustic flooring. We supply brick floor tiles and terracotta tiles both reclaimed and handmade as well as reclaimed oak flooring. We specialise in sourcing our products from all over Europe. We also have a range of Eco-Friendly Floor Sealers and Cleaners that work well with our bricks and tiles. When we started Lubelska we felt it was important to not only provide a great product but to offer bespoke reclaimed flooring using sustainable materials. We have been careful to stay true to what we love and so have chosen a range of 13 reclaimed and bespoke brick and Terracotta floor tiles as well as 10 rustic brick and terracotta tiles. We also have a range of 4 reclaimed oak floor styles that we are proud to supply.

What Do You Get By Working With Lubelska? 

You can be sure you’re getting a unique and original floor. As a family-run business, we pay special, individual attention to each client that enlists our services. With over twenty years of experience in the flooring industry, we know that being wary of details and paying particular attention to the quality of materials we use is of utmost importance to any successful flooring project. 

When you buy from Lubelska, you can be assured that you’ll get  a professional, dedicated service that will carry out your vision to the very last tile. Regardless of whether you’re after old oak floorboards or rustic floor tiles made out of brick or terracotta, you can be sure that with Lubelska, your rustic flooring will not only be beautiful, but it will also be sustainably sourced. By choosing us, you’ll give old flooring a new life and gain a genuine, unique look for your home or business. 

Eco-Friendly Reclaimed Flooring

We have our own designated recycling centre where our focus is to reclaim, clean and up-cycle various brick and terracotta products. We make sure to use eco-friendly methods for the cleaning and preparing of our floorings, without the use of chemicals or detergents. This ensures the tiles are sealed without worry of effluence at a later date. We try to reduce our impact on the environment at all stages and historically only reclaim the materials from old barns and homes where demolition is the only option.

We reprocess our bricks, tiles and oak in such a way that modern techniques such as underfloor heating and screeds work exceptionally well with all our products. Due to contemporary methods in heating, terracotta tiles and brick flooring have made a revival due to their look, practicalities, and toughness. Our reclaimed brick and terracotta floors do not degrade or wear as time goes by, so you can rest assured they only improve over time and add more character to any space.

Where Do Our Materials Come From? 

 Our story starts back in 1985 when I met my Polish wife in the UK. Once we were married, travelling to Poland to visit her family became a regular part of our lives. It is there that I’ve uncovered the massive potential of recycled flooring materials. 

In the Polish countryside, we’ve come across countless empty, derelict buildings. What striked me as fascinating about them was that despite being out of use, the bricks, oak cladding, and roof tiles were in great condition. This gave me the idea to remove the larger bricks, cut them up, and repurpose them into brick floor tiles. Our reclaimed oak flooring has been recovered mainly from old farm buildings, detected for metal and either engineered for modern underfloor heating or left as is.

Today, Lubelska brings in and recycles bricks from multiple nations across Europe, including top-notch oak cladding from the Balkan countries. By putting these materials through a rigorous recycling process, you can be guaranteed that everything that goes into your brand new rustic floors is completely eco-friendly. 

Why Use Terracotta Tiles and Bricks? 

Terracotta tiles and bricks have been known as great storers and conductors of heat for many centuries. 20th-century man put bricks in his night-storage heaters, the Victorians and Edwardians put heated bricks between their sheets to warm their beds and the Greeks and Romans laid terracotta tiles over heated water channels as an early form of under-floor heating.

It is only in the last decades or so that we have decided to take a leaf out of history and to start using terracotta tiles again for one of the reasons that they were first designed. Due to modern techniques in heating, terracotta tiles are making quite a resurgence as they are one of the best slow releasers of heat that can be laid on a floor.

Whether laid using modern grouts and adhesives, a mortar or even lime mortar our tiles will look beautiful within either a period or contemporary interior. Through the many projects that we have undertaken over the last few years, whether laid in churches, restaurants, pubs or homes, our floors add a foundation and a quality that will last a lifetime and increase the capital value of a building. Our reclaimed floors do not deteriorate over time, if anything, they improve.

Reach Out to Us! 

Please feel free to contact us via email or if you’d like to talk to someone, you’re more than welcome to call and we’d be happy to assist you in any way.