Even the best floor tiles won’t last for decades if they are not properly maintained. At Lubelska, we understand that. Thus, we offer you a wide array of floor sealers and floor cleaners to make your panels and tiles serve you as long as possible!

Floor Sealers – A Way to Prevent Wear and Tear

How to prevent damage and wear and tear on your panels and tiles? The best way is pretty simple – you need to use floor sealers regularly! How does it work?

Both wooden and tile floor sealers add a protective layer to your flooring. While it might seem unnoticeable when you look at your panels, it does an excellent job of reducing physical damage and preventing stains. What’s more, it also helps you protect your flooring from the elements, making it the ultimate solution for your brick floor tile or wooden floorboard maintenance!

Our Floor Sealers Are Tailored to Your Needs

No matter whether you’re looking for wooden floor sealers or floor tile sealers, you’ll find them in our offer. We want your unique flooring to last as long as possible thus we offer you the best products. You can also browse our colour-enhancing sealers to add an extra spark to your floor. Whatever you need regarding your floor maintenance, you’ll find it in our shop!

Floor Cleaners – To Keep Your Reclaimed Floor Tiles and Boards Dirt-Free

We don’t stop just at sealers – we also offer you some excellent floor cleaners! Thanks to them, you won’t only keep your floor safe and damage-free – you’ll also keep it shiny and as clean as possible. And that’s not the end of it.

Our shop comes with a wide range of tile and wood floor cleaners. From everyday products to ones designed for the most intensive care – you’ll get them all at Lubelska. So, if you’re looking for a way to keep your floors in the best possible condition, be sure to get our sealers and cleaners and test them out in practice – we guarantee you that when you see the results, you’ll know that our floor maintenance products are the way to go!

So, do not hesitate – pick the perfect floor sealer and cleaner for your home, make an order, and start your floor maintenance like a pro – we know you’ll be satisfied!