Reclaimed Terracotta Tiles

Handmade Terracota Tiles

Other styles might have replaced terracotta floor tiles for a while, but they had undoubtedly made their comeback. It is a well-known fact that a floor makes a huge difference to the home interior, and terracotta tiles aren’t an exception. They bring warmth to make your home feel even more welcoming than ever before.

A terracotta floor traditionally has an earthy reddish colour, but we also supply tiles, ranging from creams, pinks to ochres, adding a warm and pleasant tone to your house. They are a strong and sturdy flooring option that only gets better with age. Whether you choose reclaimed or handmade, we can supply you with unique, one-of-a-kind terracotta floor tiles.

Characteristics of a Terracotta Tile Floor

Terracotta tiles are the oldest clay ceramic tiles in their subcategories. They are shaped from reddish or earth-hued clay. The tiles are then left to dry; our handmade tiles are then fired at temperatures of around 1050 degrees Celsius, whilst reclaimed tiles are fired at 1300+ Celsius. As a result of these high temperatures, the tiles have a very natural earth-like colour and become strong and durable.

High-Density And Low-Density Terracotta Floor Tiles

When searching for a terracotta tile, you will notice there are high and low-density material types. It is essential to learn the difference between them, as knowing where you place each of them can be a turning point.

It might not surprise you that high-density terracotta floor tiles are much more in favour compared to low-density ones. They are suitable for rooms with heavy foot traffic and are less prone to cracking. These tiles are:

  • are solid,
  • durable,
  • long-lasting when compared to other materials.

In contrast, low-density terracotta tiles are relatively weak and can crack under heavy foot traffic or when placed in the bathroom. Although cheaper, they are not ideal for rooms that get wet easily (bathrooms or kitchens) or those that are visited frequently. At Lubelska, we make sure to provide you with high-quality and durable terracotta flooring that can last a long time, provided they are well-maintained.

Machine-Cut vs Handmade Terracotta Tiles

Another difference that you will notice when purchasing terracotta floor tiles is that they can be machine-cut or handmade. No matter the method, they will share their reddish/brown colour and their quality quality. However, there are still a few differences between machine-cut and handmade terracotta floor tiles::

  • Price – Machine-cut tiles are manufactured according to the predetermined process in bulks, making them a cheaper option. On the other hand, each handmade terracotta tile is unique as it is handmade with great precision. Although the process is similar, it is the work of art you would be paying for.
  • Shape – Terracotta tiles cut by machine are absolutely identical. Buy them, and you won’t encounter any problems during installation. Handmade tiles can be of irregular shapes that are much more appealing but, unfortunately, can be more problematic to install.
  • Tone – Even though all products have beautiful colours, handmade tiles undoubtedly come in richer tones.

Terracotta Floor Tiles Colour Variations

At Lubelska, our terracotta tiles come in different shades, from reds and pinks to creams and everything in between. The particular colour depends on the clay source and the temperature it is fired at. However, in all cases, our tiles are beautiful, eye-catching, and ready to enrich your space. It’s worth noting that our terracotta floor tiles can also be used as wall tiles.

Our Reclaimed Terracotta Tiles feature 9 different products, both in warm and light colours and varying sizes. These tiles are rustic in nature while also being unique and one-of-a-kind. All our handmade terracotta tiles differ significantly. They are predominantly pink with hues of ochre and cream, but their colour really depends on how close to the klin each tile was during production. They are much smoother and more uniform.

Shop for Your Terracotta Tile Floor at Lubelska

As a family business, we do our best to supply you with the best terracotta tiles with distinctive colours and exceptional quality. We want you to have a floor that will remain in good condition for many years to come. Hence, we offer an extensive range of tiles that come in light and warm colours and that can enrich your interior or exterior decor.

We also offer you versatility, as all our terracotta tiles, both reclaimed and handmade, can be used as wall tiles. On our site, you can also find a sealant that, when applied, will keep your floor and its tone protected. Contact us and place an order for your one-of-a-kind terracotta floor.