An Environmentally friendly company

run-down oak barn

The European Commission has identified that one of the largest waste streams within Europe is Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW). https://ec.europa.eu/environment/waste/construction_demolition.htm At Lubelska we take our environmental footprint very seriously. All our floors, whether they are brick tiles, terracotta tiles, oak parquet or oak boards are all reclaimed within the borders of Europe. The owners …

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10 rustic terracotta floor tiles ideas

rustic terracotta floor tiles

Here at Lubelska, we have been supplying rustic terracotta floor tiles for over 15 years (albeit through my father’s old company, Charles Howey Ltd) Our tiles come from mainland Europe where we source them from old buildings, usually barns or old houses. They are around 150-300 years old. These buildings have long been unoccupied but …

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9 Indoor Brick Flooring Ideas

Rustic Kitchen Brick floor

Indoor brick flooring has been used for centuries now, but only recently come back into ‘vogue’. With modern engineered brick and the use of water-based sealers. Less maintenance is required and thus, brick is a much more popular choice. BELOW, I GO OVER SOME DIFFERENT INDOOR BRICK FLOORING IDEAS THAT WE HAVE SUPPLIED. Having said …

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A guide to reclaimed oak flooring styles

rustic oak flooring

Oak flooring and more specifically reclaimed oak flooring provide a timeless design to any space. Oak flooring has seemed to skip past any design fads and remain a classic look for decades now. Below we go over what reclaimed wood is and more specifically our own reclaimed flooring. Firstly, What Is Reclaimed Wood? Simply, reclaimed …

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6 advantages of reclaimed oak flooring

bathroom oak flooring

Whether you’re redesigning your home or moving, choosing the right floors can make a huge difference to the aesthetic appeal. Hardwood flooring is becoming more and more popular these days and one of the most in-demand flooring options is reclaimed oak and more particularly white oak.  1. Last longer, more durable Reclaimed oak flooring is …

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Reclaimed Brick Floor Design ideas we love

Reclaimed Brick floor in a utility room

Lubelska has been supplying reclaimed brick for over 15 years now (albeit, under a different name). In this time we have provided bricks for some beautiful residential and commercial projects as we look over our favourite brick floor design ideas. Here we look over some of the more beautiful interiors and floors we’ve laid over …

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The story of our reclaimed brick and terracotta

Having been a timber agent travelling around Eastern Europe in the 1990s I discovered that most demolished buildings were being ploughed into landfill. I always found this rather surprising and recovered a small number of pine floorboards in Latvia that went down very well in the UK. This drew me into a narrative with a …

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