7 Thin brick flooring ideas

herringbone brick flooring

Brick flooring has been used for centuries and often used in the UK for a hard-wearing floor with a rustic floor. However, with bricks usually being quite thick, customers often turn to brick tiles. In this article we go over a more and more popular type of brick – thin brick flooring. Below I go …

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Devon Passivhaus with our brick floor

Our bricks were specified for the Devon Passivhaus. This beautiful modern house was shortlisted for a RIBA award and rightly so. The house utilized as much light as possible and wanted to incorporate reclaimed materials as much as possible. the brick used here is our LUBY and wanted to create the effect of an outside …

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The Knoll House

Living area with skylight

This beautiful kitchen, dining and kitchen area was created by Bective.co.uk. A beautiful contemporary home with old rustic features. Our brick floor was used in this property with a colour enhancing sealer. As you can see from the photos below. the sealer slightly darkened the tile and gave a satin finish.

How To Choose Reclaimed Flooring

reclaimed flooring

In this article, we are looking at how to choose reclaimed flooring. Many of us now wish to be a little more eco-friendly when deciding upon our interiors and one of the ways in which this is easily achievable is by deciding upon a reclaimed, salvaged or recycled floor covering. Each of these methods can …

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kitchen with light terracotta tiles

We supplied this new renovated kitchen in Ireland with our beautiful KY1 light terracotta tiles. As you can see, the light terracotta tiles complement the light kitchen cupboards and the light coming through the windows. The cat also looks cute! Below gives a closer look at the tiles. The rusticity of the tiles comes through …

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An Environmentally friendly company

run-down oak barn

The European Commission has identified that one of the largest waste streams within Europe is Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW). https://ec.europa.eu/environment/waste/construction_demolition.htm At Lubelska we take our environmental footprint very seriously. All our floors, whether they are brick tiles, terracotta tiles, oak parquet or oak boards are all reclaimed within the borders of Europe. The owners …

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10 rustic terracotta floor tiles ideas

rustic terracotta floor tiles

Here at Lubelska, we have been supplying rustic terracotta floor tiles for over 15 years (albeit through my father’s old company, Charles Howey Ltd) Our tiles come from mainland Europe where we source them from old buildings, usually barns or old houses. They are around 150-300 years old. These buildings have long been unoccupied but …

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11 Indoor Brick Flooring Ideas

Rustic Kitchen Brick floor

Indoor brick flooring has been used for centuries now, but only recently come back into ‘vogue’. With modern engineered brick and the use of water-based sealers. Less maintenance is required and thus, brick is a much more popular choice. BELOW, I GO OVER SOME DIFFERENT INDOOR BRICK FLOORING IDEAS THAT WE HAVE SUPPLIED. Having said …

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