Reclaimed Brick Tiles

Rustic Brick Tiles

Terracotta Brick Tiles

Spanish Brick Tiles

Our brick floor tiles are sourced from specific parts of Eastern Europe and have been sliced from bricks dating back to the mid-19th century. We choose these brick tiles based on their ease of maintenance and hard-wearing nature – they are perfect for indoor and outdoor use when correctly sealed.

Beautiful and Durable Brick Floor Tiles Perfect for Any Home Decor

Our brick tiles for the floor look great not only in period settings but also go well with a contemporary feel. Ideal for high-traffic areas, such as kitchens, restaurants, and churches, they will be the perfect choice for your interior.

To add to that, our Reclaimed Brick Floor tiles are practical and look perfect as they age. They remain tough and durable for years to come so that you can enjoy each step on them for the rest of your life.

Unique Brick Tile Flooring Just for You

Are you looking for a way to make your home special and unusual like no other house? Our brick tile flooring will be the perfect choice for that!

One of the greatest parts of using our tiles is knowing that your brick flooring will be unique to you! No single floor brick is exactly the same, which gives your space a natural feel and its own character. Make your home or property unique and get our tiles now!.

Brick Flooring Tiles That Will Make Your Home Comfy

The Lubelska Brick Floor Tiles are great for any weather. Excellent for keeping a room cool during warmer climates, but also incredible when combined with underfloor heating. By choosing them, you don’t only opt for beauty but also for the highest comfort and thermal efficiency among floor tiles.

Brick Floor Tiles Tailored to Your Needs

Our new range of Rustic Brick Floor Tiles has come about from our customers’ feedback. We have often been asked if we have a tile that could be laid when depth is an issue. We have also often been asked for a less expensive version of our reclaimed brick floor tile. This led us to look for a solution to both issues and after careful negotiation with a company in Central Europe, we have come up with a rustic brick floor tile that meets both criteria.

Not only have we managed to maintain the colour and texture of our reclaimed brick floor tiles, but we also managed to preserve them so that they would maintain their colour throughout their lifespan. At only 15mm in depth, our brick floor tiles can be laid in most environments, offering a durable floor once laid. Please feel free to check out our products or contact us via email or phone!