Our boards have been cut from old oak boards or beams that were used to build farm houses and barns in the Balkans during the 19th century and earlier.

All our reclaimed oak is kiln dried to a temperature of between 12-18% but of course, this timber is already reaching the mill in a dry state. The reason the oak is kiln dried to a temperature of 75 degrees Celsius for 72 hours is to help eliminate any insect life that is within the wood.

After kiln drying the oak is sprayed with an insecticide that has been specially formulated for this purpose. The chemical properties of which are available on request.


Rustic Oak Flooring – This product varies greatly in colour, texture and grain. These boards have been cut from the outer face of old oak boards or beams.

Dressed Oak Flooring – This is a more consistent oak board as it is the inner face of any cuts made, though it will still vary in property, just not so much.


This is a product that requires skill to work with. An understanding and experience of laying oak floors is essential. Experience of laying reclaimed wooden flooring is desirable.

There are many undulations and imperfections in Reclaimed Oak that enhance its beauty but will require attention to detail.

A reclaimed solid oak floor may will never be perfectly level, though our dressed oak floor, through preparation at the mill will always be more so than an original rustic faced oak floor.

Both our dressed and rustic faced boards come groove and groove with separate tongues supplied.


1/         Whether Dressed or Rustic this will need to be stored in the ambient temperature of the room for at least 2 weeks (should be 4) prior to laying.
2/.       It will need to be laid on top of a WBP Ply of at least 10 mm thickness, Glued and preferably nailed.


Our engineered reclaimed floor is an 8mm piece of oak floor that is vacuum pressed and glued to WBP plywood. This makes it ideal for underfloor heating.

We still recommend that this flooring is stored in the rooms to be laid for a couple of weeks but it’s not essential.

AS the boards are already backed with plywood, they can be laid on different substrates as follows:

On plywood

    • As above for the solid oak.
On a screed
    • The Sub-floor must be fully dried.
    • If glued directly to the screed we recommend using “Bona Quantum”. This is a very modern, strong, yet flexible adhesive.
    • If using battens, they should be screwed and countersunk on to the concrete. Centres should measure no more than 300mm.
    • Minimum batten thickness should be 40mm.
    • Insulation can be improved by lagging between the battens.
On floor Joists
    • Hardwoods should not be nailed direct to joists over a ventilated ground floor void. Flooring will absorb airborne moisture from the ventilation and will swell.
    • We recommend that plywood of at least 18mm thickness is laid first.
            On an existing wooden floor
    • One can lay over an existing floor if it is sound and level, making sure that all nails are counter-punched.
    • If possible, lay the new floor at 90 degrees to the existing floor and nail at 300mm intervals.
    • If the new floor must run the same way as the old one, lay plywood of at least 6mm thickness to the old floor before laying the new one. In both cases when you lay the new floor fix with nails of sufficient length to fix through the ply and into the old floor.
    • Make sure there is a 5-10 mm gap where each floor meets the wall to allow for expansion
    • Use 45mm brad nails for our 20mm thick reclaimed oak boards.
    • The boards should be nailed at least every 300mm.
    • This can be achieved with either traditional sandpaper or a sanding machine
    • We recommend using our GoProtect wood protector. This is a water-based sealer that doesn’t noticeably change the look or feel of the oak floor
    • This is an advisable process as it will truly enhance the finished look of the floor. We advise using a Traffic Wax or hard wax oil “Liberon” produce a very good one. This should be applied and buffed as per the instructions on the bottle.

Having worked in reclamation for the past 20 years and for the preceding 10 years within the timber industry, one of my observations is that Reclaimed Oak Flooring is not for everyone. It is a choice that should not be entered into lightly and we are here to offer as much advice as required. Share photos & videos of boards and laid floors.

Any question, no matter how trivial, is always welcomed. Contact us directly on Tel: 020 3911 5526 or email: info@lubelska.co.uk