When we started our business, we considered operating a full ecommerce site but through dealing with hundreds of enquiries every month, we have become 100% convinced that this is not the best way forward with our flooring.

We are of the belief that we have clients and not customers. There are many alternatives in not only our floors but also in the laying and finishing of them. All these variations raise questions that need to be answered.

Of course, some people have a very good understanding of our floors and know how to lay and achieve the look they want. For them, ordering is simple. However, for a lot of people we want to provide a holistic approach to buying.

Please note – our minimum delivery is 3m2, however we are happy to for pickups of any amount by appointment. 
Buying Process
The following is a typical process that our clients will go through:
  • One way or another land on our website at www.lubelska.co.uk
  • Choose a mix of 2 or 3 samples and buy these through our ecommerce portal – Not essential to buy samples, and customers often don’t – you can also visit our warehouse by appointment. 
  • Receive their samples within a couple of days (often next day).
  • The client will then contact us via telephone, email or on-line chat with questions on origin, how to attain a floor similar to photos on our website or laying and sealing.
  • We will answer the client’s questions and advise on lead times, delivery, laying, etc.
  • Once all questions have been answered, the client will place an order verbally or via e-mail.
  • We then invoice with either a request for a 50% deposit or for payment in full, depending upon when the floor is required.
  • Once payment has been made, the order is complete.

The above is a very typical process that we go through with each and every client. At every turn we want to be confident that the client is receiving the floor that they want. It often happens that during the laying process we will either converse with their fitter or the client themselves to ensure total satisfaction.