Are you a fan of old Spanish architecture? Would you like to add some Spanish accents to your home? Our Spanish brick tiles will do this job perfectly. Reclaimed from old Spanish buildings, they will look just lovely in your household, giving it a true Spanish character.

Spanish Brick Tiles Like No Other

Your home is…your home, the special place that you come back to happily, where you embrace who you are, where you underline your uniqueness. Thus, it should be decorated accordingly. Our Spanish brick tiles are the perfect choice to do that since, like you, they are one of a kind.

As our Spanish brick tiles are taken from old barns and buildings, no tile is the same as the others. This means that you can design your one flooring that no one will ever recreate. So, if you wish to embrace your uniqueness and create a warm, comfy nest just for you, you ought to pick our Spanish brick tiles!

Reliable Spanish Brick Tiles That Will Serve You for Years to Come

Our tiles are prepared from durable bricks and are properly sealed to serve you as long as possible. This way, you can create a rustic, old, Spanish design without having to compromise practicality. They won’t change colour over time and are unlikely to crack, no matter the weather, so they’re the perfect choice for a balcony, terrace or indoor areas.

Lubelska Spanish Brick Tiles – Comfort and Practicality Combined

We understand how important it is for you to feel comfortable and cosy at your house. Therefore, we make sure that our Spanish brick tiles enable you to do that. Our tiles are designed with the best thermal qualities in mind, so they’re effective at both cooling your house in the summer and keeping it warm in the winter. They work great with underfloor heating systems and look even better, letting you enjoy their aesthetics without having to compromise your comfort. Contact us now and place your order – we will be happy to provide you with the finest reclaimed brick tiles from Spain!