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Are you in need of Art Deco flooring ideas to conform to your stylistic preferences? As the movement predominantly relies on geometry, symmetry, and streamlined, clearly defined lines, the floor of your choice needs to complement that perfectly. Typical Art Deco choices include tiled floors, marble, geometric patterns, and herringbone panels or parquet-style floorboards. For more inspiration on designing a gorgeous Art Deco space, read the rest of the article.

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Art Deco Flooring – Luxurious Options to Consider

There’s something decadent and enchanting about the eclectic flow of Art Deco interiors. Bold colours meshing together with patterned, geometric shapes create a lively space with plenty to look at.

This does come at a cost, however. To achieve that unmistakable feel, every single piece of furniture and decor has to be carefully selected, including the floor. To help you realise your project, we’re going to look at our favourite Art Deco flooring ideas you can choose from.


An absolute timeless classic, marble tiles have adorned Art Deco interiors since the style’s inception in the 1920s and ‘30s. Its natural aesthetic perfectly exemplifies all critical Art Deco features, combining geometry with the veined patterns and an irresistible elegance that oozes luxury.

The universal acclaim enjoyed by marble makes it a great choice for both domestic and commercial interiors. Whether laid in grand foyers, elegant living rooms, or opulent store floors, marble tiles bestow an unshakable sense of prestige wherever they’re used. Combined with their relative ease of maintenance, marble flooring ensures the longevity of your Art Deco space for years to come.

Patterned Tiled Flooring

The greatness of tiles in Art Deco flooring comes from their versatility. The choice of design is entirely up to you. From symmetrical or irregular geometric shapes to intricate floral patterns, you can be as bold or timid as you wish.

One key aspect of the style and simultaneously an Art Deco flooring idea to consider concerns accentuating your floor with gold colours. Though emerald greens and sapphire blues already contribute greatly to the jewel-like opulence of the Art Deco colour scheme, a whisper of gold here or there will tie the whole aesthetic together, enhancing its allure.

Furthermore, patterned tiles fit into seemingly any space – bathroom and kitchen floors, entryways, living rooms, lobbies; you name it. Wherever you decide to lay Art Deco tiles, charm and elegance follow.

art deco flooring ideas


Terrazzo flooring offers a variety of customisable colours and dispersed geometric shapes by incorporating marble, quartz, and granite chips into its composition. This degree of versatility allows you to craft bespoke interiors exactly how you envisage them. 

The uniform dimensions of each slab fulfill the geometric motifs of Art Deco while providing excellent durability. Maintaining a terrazzo floor requires little work, and yet the flooring embellishes the space, whether indoor or outdoor, commercial or residential, with chic and tasteful elegance.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Luxury Vinyl Tiles, or LVT for short, don’t often spring to mind in association with the timeless Art Deco glamour, at least not immediately. However, it’s easy to see how well LVT can fill that niche if its potential is utilised to the fullest. 

LVT has the clean look and sharply defined lines, characteristic of the Art Deco style. As vinyl flooring is highly customisable, you can recreate any desired effect and look for a fraction of the cost. A popular option involves stylising the room with the ageless herringbone pattern or rustic parquet flooring. The downside, of course, is that the floor will lack the authenticity of natural materials like marble or terrazzo. Still, if your priority is crafting a deluxe space, such as in a living room, lounge or cafe, LVT offers a practical solution to enhance any room with the aesthetic appeal of the other high-end options.

Art Deco Carpet

Lastly, if you find yourself obsessing over the Art Deco style, but the floorwork is long finished, an Art Deco carpet might offer a viable alternative to the costly and arduous service of floor replacement.

Many rugs and carpets offer exactly the same kind of patterned appearance as the opulent Art Deco tiles, and feature geometric patterns, vivid floral motifs, and rich color schemes. Adding a carpet can instantly transform a room, infusing it with the signature Art Deco sophistication. Additionally, when you decide the space is due for refurbishing, you can just take the carpet away to either reveal the flooring underneath or replace it with something else.

The Takeaway

When designing the overall look and atmosphere of your space, there are plenty of viable Art Deco flooring ideas to achieve a satisfying, extravagant ambience. Whether you’re looking for the larger, more permanent investment of marble or terrazzo flooring, an easily modifiable Art Deco carpet, or customisable patterned tiles or LVT, there are solutions out there that will allow you to imbue your space with a unique feel while meeting budgetary constraints.

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