New Build with reclaimed brick floor

A unique house with an angular asymmetric rooftop, this house, designed by Mole Architects, overlooks the estuary of the River Alde. The house belongs to a couple, who bought a dilapidated old property on the site, which was demolished to make way for the new house. Set in an area of outstanding beauty, the inspiration …

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Seaside Cottage with our brick floor

Jill stein brick floor home

This seaside cottage was bought and designed by Jill Stein of Rick Stein and Co. She had the idea of buying a small cottage in Cornwall to renovate and then rent out for holiday owners. The idea was to restore the house back to its original state with original features. She decided to use our …

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A guide to reclaimed oak flooring styles

rustic oak flooring

Oak flooring and more specifically reclaimed oak flooring provide a timeless design to any space. Oak flooring has seemed to skip past any design fads and remain a classic look for decades now. Below we go over what reclaimed wood is and more specifically our own reclaimed flooring. Firstly, What Is Reclaimed Wood? Simply, reclaimed …

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6 advantages of reclaimed oak flooring

bathroom oak flooring

Whether you’re redesigning your home or moving, choosing the right floors can make a huge difference to the aesthetic appeal. Hardwood flooring is becoming more and more popular these days and one of the most in-demand flooring options is reclaimed oak and more particularly white oak.  1. Last longer, more durable Reclaimed oak flooring is …

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Reclaimed Brick Floor Design ideas we love

Reclaimed Brick floor in a utility room

Lubelska has been supplying reclaimed brick for over 15 years now (albeit, under a different name). In this time we have provided bricks for some beautiful residential and commercial projects as we look over our favourite brick floor design ideas. Here we look over some of the more beautiful interiors and floors we’ve laid over …

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How to lay a brick tile floor

Laying a brick tiled floor can be a challenge in itself and if the brick tiles are reclaimed you need to pay even more attention to the individual tiles and how they look. Below I go over how to lay a brick tile floor. Summary Dry Lay – dry lay the bricks, make sure the …

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The many uses of terracotta tiles – a designers history

This post dives into the many uses of terracotta tiles throughout history. How they have evolved from ancient worlds to modern times, we discuss the transition of terracotta throughout time. Interior restoration; Rusticity of ancient worlds. Restoration projects that set out to renew the relevance of architecture while maintaining a certain kind of authenticity and …

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