Reclaimed Brick Floor Design ideas we love

Reclaimed Brick floor in a utility room

Lubelska has been supplying reclaimed brick for over 15 years now (albeit, under a different name). In this time we have provided bricks for some beautiful residential and commercial projects as we look over our favourite brick floor design ideas. Here we look over some of the more beautiful interiors and floors we’ve laid over …

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The story of our reclaimed brick and terracotta

Having been a timber agent travelling around Eastern Europe in the 1990s I discovered that most demolished buildings were being ploughed into landfill. I always found this rather surprising and recovered a small number of pine floorboards in Latvia that went down very well in the UK. This drew me into a narrative with a …

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Reclaimed brick flooring: everything you need to know

Thinking of installing reclaimed brick flooring? From things you should consider to the pattern and how to lay and seal, we’ve got you covered. 4 essential tips from Edward Howey at Lubelska Ltd. 4 essential tips –  Underfloor heating The main thing to remember when laying any inflexible product over underfloor heating is to use …

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The many uses of terracotta tiles – a designers history

This post dives into the many uses of terracotta tiles throughout history. How they have evolved from ancient worlds to modern times, we discuss the transition of terracotta throughout time. Interior restoration; Rusticity of ancient worlds. Restoration projects that set out to renew the relevance of architecture while maintaining a certain kind of authenticity and …

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Herringbone tile pattern ideas

herringbone pattern ky4 tiles

A herringbone tile pattern is an arrangement of rectangular tiles that creates a beautiful symmetrical pattern. As you can see in the picture below the tiles are laid in a 90-degree angle to each other, where the short end of the tile is placed at the top of the long end of another tile. This …

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Light Reclaimed Terracotta Tile

Rustic light Terracotta Tile

This beautiful Pale Reclaimed Terracotta tile has been laid in a new build property throughout the downstairs. It covers an area of 110 sqm and is laid in an offset pattern; similar to a stretcher-bond pattern but with a square tile. Square tiles have not been in vogue over the past few years and we …

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Reclaimed Terracotta Tile Ideas

terracotta herringbone tile - KY4

Lubelska has been sourcing and cutting reclaimed terracotta tiles for over a decade now – albeit under a different name. Terracotta flooring has not been at the height of interior fashion in the last few years, however, they have stood the test of time and remain a timeless addition to any space. There are a …

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Boot rooms and mudroom ideas

boot rooms ideas, mudrooms ideas with a brick floor

Ideas for country style boot rooms and mudrooms with our Reclaimed Lubelska Brick Floor Whether you call it a boot room, a mudroom or a cloakroom – it’s usually the first room your family and visitors enter when they come into your home. Below I go through some different boot room ideas with our brick …

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Sealing terracotta tiles or brick floor tiles

brick floor in modern kitchen

One of the questions that we have been regularly asked over the past 16 years is about terracotta tile sealer or brick floor sealer. All of our products both brick and terracotta need sealing and customers often ask us what is the best method. Feel free to check out our range of high-quality terracotta tile …

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