herringbone brick patio

The herringbone pattern in brick is a very popular choice for a patio. A pattern which draws eyes and when used with brick is a centrepiece for any patio or outdoor setting. Below we show you several different herringbone brick pattern images on patios and general outdoor settings.

Laying Herringbone

Laying herringbone can be a skilled task and we would usually recommend a fitter to lay these, but this can be done yourself with careful consideration and attention.

At Lubelska we have a number of different brick tiles available both manufactured and reclaimed. Most our brick tiles are suitable for outside and have been used for many years, but they need to be laid on a hard surface such as concrete or a screed.

The below tiles is our LUBP brick tiles and have been used for a front entrance to this London house. They have used a border for these tiles and also used these for the steps leading to the front door. The herringbone pattern is accenutated by the border

Herringbone brick patio

The below tiles have been used in a conservatory rather than a patio. However, the large windows and conservatory doors flood light into the brreakfast room of this hotel and provide and indoor out feel of a patio. This brick has been laid at the beautiful rectory hotel in the cotswolds.

LUBW brick floor parquet scaled
LUBW brick floor parquet scaled
Outdoor terrace area with herringbone brick floor

The below is our ZAMW rustic brick tiles. A manufactured brick tile with a rustic feel. This customer used these tiles for an outdoor kitchen and dining area patio. We love how this has turned out and it provides a beuaitful rustic mediterranean feel.

With a pizza oven, a work station and a seating area to enetertain, we love this space!

parquet brick tile outdoor kitchen

This client below used a larger brick for an indoor out finish with a herringbone at a 90 degree angle to the wall. This provides a more clean finish than a 45 degree herringbone. The below house has also used this brick tile for the inside kitchen / diner area.

large brick floor with herringbone patio

Another home in London, Dalston. A very similar look whith the indoor to outdoor finish, where they used a larger brick tile with a 45 degree herringbone this time.

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