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Reclaimed Brick Floor Design ideas we love

Lubelska has been supplying reclaimed brick for over 15 years now (albeit, under a different name). In this time we have provided bricks for some beautiful residential and commercial projects as we look over our favourite brick floor design ideas. Here we look over some of the more beautiful interiors and floors we’ve laid over the years.

Brick flooring has always had a certain level of charm to it. Reclaimed materials offer character that just can’t be achieved from modern engineered products. As you will tell from the images below, our bricks have been used in both period and country interiors as well as more modern settings.

beautiful reddish brick that had been painted with a colour enhancing sealer. Brick is perfect for areas with heavy foot traffic.
Reclaimed Brick Tiles
This is a warm thin brick tile in a restaurant and has been finished with lyme wash.
Lubelska Brick tiles
A beautiful house designed and built by Neil Dusheiko Architects. Our bricks provide character to a semi-detached London house and show how well they work in a modern setting.
brick floor design
A recently completed project. This house made use of bricks variability and use a beautiful design pattern. The bricks work well with British green kitchen cabinets and we can’t wait for this floor to be completed.
Cloak room with reclaimed brick floor
Another warm brick floor that has been laid with a colour enhancing sealer and a grey grout.
Reclaimed Brick Floor
A might paler reclaimed brick with varying different colours of pinkish red.
Lubelska brick tile - warm
These warm tiles in a small country kitchen look beautiful and keep the traditional interior of the house. The light coming through shines off the satin-finished brick.
Lubelska Brick Floor Tile
A rustic photo, video and film set in the heart of the Cotswolds. This floor has been laid in a number of patterns – including a herringbone and stretcher bond with an inlay.
Another beautiful country kitchen with a pale brick floor, aga and green kitchen cabinests.
Reclaimed brick tiles
A basket weave pattern in a conservatory finished off with a lime wash.
Reclaimed Brick floor in a utility room
A pale brick tile in a utility room. This is perfect for areas with boots and lots of foot traffic. These bricks – once laid correctly won’t crack!

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