7 Thin brick flooring ideas

Brick flooring has been used for centuries and often used in the UK for a hard-wearing floor with a rustic floor. However, with bricks usually being quite thick, customers often turn to brick tiles. In this article we go over a more and more popular type of brick – thin brick flooring.

Below I go over some different thin brick flooring ideas that might give inspiration.

The bricks we supply and in the pictures below are authentic reclaimed brick. It is possible to source engineered new brick tiles, however, these are often much more polished, refined and don’t provide the same aesthetic as reclaimed Klinker bricks. We have been supplying reclaimed brick tile for over 20 years now and these are just some of the floors we have supplied.

1. Close up of herringbone thin brick floor

Below you can see a light brick tile (LUBP) with creams, sandstones and light pinkish hues. we love the texture and patina of this floor and really provides character without being too strong in colour. the grout is a light grout that blends in with the bricks.

herringbone brick floor
Brick tile

2. Stretcher bond thin brick tile

below is the same brick but dry laid in a stretcher bond pattern rather than a herringbone. these are often used in a herringbone but we thought we’d show you how this looks in a stretcher bond too.

Antique brick tiles

3. The Rectory Hotel

This was a warm brick tile (LUBW) used in the rectory hotel conservatory. This is a more traditional brick colour and has been finished with a lime wash, to give the below effect. we love how this looks.

Reclaimed Brick floor tile in a herringbone and lime wash

4. Light brick with dark grout

This customer decided to use a lime mortar which gives a slightly darker look. They have also used much thicker grout lines here. I would suggest talking to your builder and making sure he understands what type of grout lines you’d like. any thicker and i think it would take away from the tile itself.

5. restaurant with brick tile

This is actually the rectory hotel again but after 10 years. You can see the bricks have darkened in colour over time. A much deeper richer tone to them, which we love and shows that the tiles only get better with age. On closer inspection, you can see that due to heavy foot traffic, the limewash paint has actually slowly been stripped away.

If you did want to add the lime wash paint once again. That’s very possible and would jut require a quick clean and again paint over using a mixture of water and lime paint. The more water you use the more translucent it becomes.

thin brick flooring
thin brick floor tiles

6. Unfinished brick floor

This gives you an idea of an unfinished brick floor before grouting. Again laid in a herringbone. once this has been grouted, it would provide a more matte finish.

thin brick tiles in herringbone

7. Brick floor with white grout

This is another light coloured brick with a thin white grout. we like the contrast here and also the tiler has been good at laying the floor with small grout lines. This can be a bit of a puzzle as each tile does slightly differ in size and thus a jigsaw at times to lay.

What do you guys think is your favourite. We’d love to hear from you and which one you like the most. Also, if you have any inquiries regarding this, please feel free to get in touch.

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