As kitchens have evolved over the last few decades from being a mere functional space into a social and break area, kitchen design trends have changed along with them. Rustic kitchen tiles are one of the newest additions to this trend.

Rustic floor tiles are tiles with a more natural look to them. They can be made of stone, be left in their natural rough shape, or reproduce the look and feel of natural materials. They can also reproduce the look of traditional brick or other masonry found in old-fashioned kitchens.

The look that these floor tiles achieve is reminiscent of nature, so it goes well with other elements like exposed wood and plants. It adds flair and a homely feeling to any kitchen, whether it’s modern or traditional, by introducing a more natural element than you can get from the usual porcelain or granite tiles. It’s also less formal than traditional tiling or even wallpaper and can create an inviting atmosphere for friends and family who come over for meals.

These floor tiles can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from small hexagonal mosaics to large squares that mimic stone patterns. No matter what you choose, you’ll add a unique element to your kitchen space that will elevate it from a simple cooking area into an oasis of rustic charm. You can also choose our warm hexagonal terracotta tiles

Rustic Kitchen Designs

The image above shows some rustic terracotta tiles, we love the look and colour coordination of these tiles.

You have many design options when it comes to rustic floor tiles. In fact, you can make your rustic kitchen tile unique by arranging the tiles in a pattern that best suits your cooking space and style.

Some common patterns include multi-tile mosaics or simple half-tiles on a wall as an accent piece. You can also arrange rustic tiles in a herringbone pattern. This creates a zigzag effect that looks great with lighter-coloured walls.

Rustic tiles also come in a variety of colours ranging from earthy browns and greys to vibrant greens and blues. Their finish is typically matte rather than glossy, bringing a calming, earthy quality to your kitchen space.

A great way to accentuate your kitchen’s rustic look without having to go overboard with paint colours or wall treatments is by installing rustic kitchen brick wall tiles. They have all the charm of a brick wall but are much easier to clean and maintain.

rustic brick floor with kitchen
rustic brick floor with kitchen

Whatever you decide to do with your kitchen, be sure to explore all of the designs and materials available before making a decision on which ones are best for you and your home.

Rustic Tiles for Walls and Floors

Terracotta tiles are a smart choice if you want to add some oomph to your home decor. Make no mistake: they’re not just for walls anymore. We’re seeing these in all kinds of places, from backsplashes to floors, and even as part of the most intricate and beautiful murals.

As you consider using rustic floor tiles for your kitchen, it’s important to think about their uses. Are they going on the floor or the wall? Will they be part of a mural? Or will they be used individually as accent pieces? How much contrast do you want between your tiles and grout? Do you want any mosaics? There are many questions to ask yourself when you start planning how best to design your kitchen.

If you’re thinking about putting them on the floor, remember that darker grout often creates a nice contrast with lighter-coloured rustic kitchen tile choices. You can also use mosaic tiles or single tiles to create a border around a larger tiled area for extra flair.

If you’re thinking about putting them on the wall, keep in mind that some tiles can come in many different shapes and sizes and textures too. Maybe try using textural elements such as brick or stone along with more traditional ceramic choices.

Maybe try out some simple patterns like diagonal lines or checkerboard patterns instead of just laying them straight across your wall like bricks in an actual wall. The sky’s really the limit here, so have fun experimenting with a design before committing to any one idea.

Benefits of Rustic Kitchen Tiles

These come with many benefits that make them appealing to homeowners who want something different from traditional styles like granite counters with white cabinets or stainless steel appliances.

One benefit is that rustic tile can help save on costs. While not as cheap as conventional ceramic tiles, rustic tiles are more affordable than porcelain or stone.

Also, since rustic tiles are made with natural materials, they require less maintenance and care than other types of tile. This means that your kitchen will look great without costing you a fortune.

Another benefit is that rustic tile can help make your kitchen look more spacious. The texture and patterns of rustic tiles create an illusion of depth and space, which makes them perfect for kitchens that have small dimensions or lack natural light. This is especially true if you live in an apartment or townhouse.

This type of tile also helps create a warm, inviting atmosphere that many people find appealing. Rustic tiles have a cosy feel to them; they are reminiscent of old-world charm with their soft colours and textured surfaces.

Rustic tiles are also incredibly versatile. They can go with any theme. Whether you have a modern home or are going for an old-school vibe, these tiles will fit right in. You could even use them as accents in an ultra-modern space.

Also, they are incredibly durable. You don’t have to worry about them getting damaged if you drop a heavy pot or pan on them.

Wrapping Up

The warm, natural aesthetic of rustic tiles has put them in high demand. This trend is perfect for people who want to update their homes but don’t have the budget for an expensive renovation project, but are affordable, easy to clean, and can be installed quickly by a professional or handy homeowner. They come in a variety of materials, including clay and ceramic, which makes them highly durable.

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