Are you looking for Versailles panels that are beautiful, reliable, eco-friendly and will pour a true soul into your home? Then you need to check our offer! All our panels are reclaimed, coming from old barns and farm buildings all across Europe, which means that you don’t only get an ancient-like flooring to your home – you also give a new life to materials that would be utilised otherwise!

Reliable Versailles Wood Panels

One of the main advantages of our reclaimed floorboards is the wood it’s made from. Old timber is much stronger than the one used nowadays, which means that our Versailles panel flooring will be significantly more durable than any new panels that you can get. So, if you prioritise quality, you will get it here!

Antique Versailles Panel Flooring to Make Your Home Unique

Another great thing about our flooring is its aesthetics. Due to being acquired from recycled materials, each of our Versailles wood panels is one of a kind. This means that you can use them to build a completely unique floor – one that no colleagues, friends or family will be able to recreate!

And if that’s not enough, you need to remember the historic atmosphere that these panels will create. This makes them perfect for a plethora of uses. Do you want an old-school, antique-like house? Or, perhaps you wish to create a library that truly speaks “wisdom” from the moment you enter it? In both cases (and many more!), our Versailles flooring panels will be the perfect choice.

Why Our Versailles Panel Flooring?

At Lubelska, we have been gathering experience with wood for over 30 years. This means that you can count on us to provide you with excellent Versailles panel flooring, one that is guaranteed to serve you for years to come. We make sure that all our processes are sustainable, which, combined with the fact that we reuse old materials, makes us one of the most environmentally-friendly options on the flooring market. But, what’s most important, we can tailor the floor to your needs!

Choose one of our Versailles floor panels and enjoy quality and uniqueness like nowhere else. After all, you deserve your home to be your own private nest, and there’s nothing better at creating such an atmosphere than our reclaimed flooring boards!