Terracotta has been used for over 1000 years ago in greek temples through to renaissance churches in northern Italy. Still to this day it has been used on floors but more recently been used for walls and wall decorations. The outside-in approach has added a lot of warmth and character to properties as well as continuin their floor theme on to the walls adding a seemless connection.

Below we go over different terracotta wall tiles and brick wall tiles that have been used. N.B. Some of these are our own projects and some are inspirations we’ve found elsewhere that we really like the look and feel of.


This is a beautiful project restoration close Tunbridge Wells, Kent. As you can see they have opted for a very minimalist contemporary feel. A smooth concrete floor, dark grey kitchen cabinets and a spacious setting. However this can often look sterile and slightly cold.

they have decided to use a mix of our hexagon terracotta tiles of both the warm and pale, providing some warmth to the space and a great centrepiece to the kitchen/breakfast area, that would otherwise not be there.

We also love the large light bulbs and hanging chair. A perfect place to relax and read a book.

we have in the past used our terracotta tiles mainly for floors. But this family has shown they look just s beautiful on a wall. Feel free to search our flooring options to see how you can use them yourself for wall tiles.


Neil Dusehiko Architecture firm used our terracotta brick tiles for both the floor and wall in this beautiful London house extension. They continued the brick tile outside and up to the wall cabinets. These terracotta bricks have been cleaned, cut and up-cycled ready for use and have beautiful pale pinkish and limestone tones to it.

As you can see they used it for the floor and then continued the same them up half the wall to give a beautiful effect and feel.

This extension has won numerous awards and we love the pictures of the family here using the house as it should be.


This is a balcony with a terracotta tile wall. They have opted for a matte finish tile here rather than your traditional glossy finish. We love the look and feel of this balcony and looks like a centrepiece to the outside of this house.

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