LUBY – Pale Lubelska Brick Tile

LUBY – 25 x 125 x 250 mm ….. 32 Pcs / Sqm
Price: £69.00 per Sqm

The colours range from light pinks, through various hues of sand to ochre & cream.
Our Lubelska Brick Tiles look stunning both within a traditional and contemporary interior. As with all our tiles, they offer a superior and natural look to other Brick Floor Tiles or Reclaimed Terracotta Tiles of a monotone finish.

Our Brick Tiles are perfectly suitable over underfloor heating and for fireplaces. Please feel free to browse the gallery of our LUBR Brick Floor Tile.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the tiles.

For laying Guidelines, and a selection of sealant products suitable for the Reclaimed Tiles see our Lay & Seal page.