KR4 – 19 x 75 x 300 mm ….. 44 Pcs / Sqm
(Dimensions may vary slightly, due to stocks available)

Price: £70.00 (£84.00 inc VAT) per Sqm

One of our more unusual terracotta clay floor Tiles, but nonetheless one of the most beautiful. The KR4 is a long thin Tile that provides a number of flooring options.

As seen in the pictures this tile offers a striking and geometric flooring surface and is certainly a talking point in any space or room. If you want your floor to be the focal point of your room, this tile is perfect for you.


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As with all our Reclaimed Brick and Floor Tiles, the colour and surface vary subtly from each other. This means the final floor will be unique to you and include the character and charm you expect from a reclaimed material.

This tile has been incredibly versatile so far and been laid in a wide variety of settings. Because of its geometric shape once laid it can work well in both contemporary and traditional spaces. This floor is certainly reminiscent of the kinds of floors that be found in rustic French properties.

Our Warm Terracotta Tiles are perfectly suitable over underfloor heating and for fireplaces. See below images of our KR4 – Reclaimed Warm Terracotta Tile.


When we discovered an abundance of terracotta going into landfill, we realised this could be upcycled into beautiful flooring. We started with the warm terracotta roof tiles in Poland.

We discovered that simple jet-washing would not clean off the years of soot and dirt that had collected on these tiles from coal and wood fires. This led us to sand-blasting the tiles and then cutting them, removing the nib and developing 3 tiles that have become quite synonymous with terracotta flooring. Above is our long thin terracotta tile which looks great in a herringbone pattern and has that beautiful warmth to it. We also have this in a lighter colour – KY4

A few years later, we were approached by a company in Serbia and discovered that they too were looking to market products similar though not identical to our own. Being of a southern, warmer European climate, they had access to many lighter products than we had been finding in northern Europe.

The same process was adapted to these lighter terracotta tiles and thus our product range was expanded.