Here at Lubelska, we have been supplying rustic terracotta floor tiles for over 15 years (albeit through my father’s old company, Charles Howey Ltd)

Our tiles come from mainland Europe where we source them from old buildings, usually barns or old houses. They are around 150-300 years old. These buildings have long been unoccupied but the terracotta is as strong as ever. When we source the raw materials, they are of course, dirty and slightly worn. So we make sure to clean them with environmentally friendly detergents to remove all the moss, algae and any small living creatures. We then sandblast them to slightly smooth the face and the edges.

Once this is done, the tiles are then repurposed to the specified shapes we have in-stock. We have tiles ranging from 15 cm to 37 cm long and 7.5 cm in width. Below are some pictures and ideas of patterns that may help give you an idea of patterns and if rustic terracotta floor tiles are for you!

We have both warm and pale rustic terracotta tiles, below we show you different ranges.


Above is our HAB pale reclaimed terracotta floor tile. This is our largest terracotta tile with a length of 37cm and 16.5cm in width. Colours range from limestone to a hue-ish pick.

This is our KY2 hexagonal terracotta tile. Prior to grouting, but we love how this tile looks in the hallway, complemented by our square terracotta tile in the same colour and patina. We also supply a rustic hexagon terracotta tiles.

Above is our KY3 reclaimed terracotta tiles used in a kitchen extension in London. We love the finish on these tiles with a slight sheen to it. This is a large format tile ised in a herringbone. below is another image of the same property and tile.

terracotta tiles in kitchen extension

Our KY4 range is very popular and looks great in a herringbone pattern. They look great in modern, contemporary settings and give a character with their rusticity.

Our KY1 range is our square terracotta tiles. with dimensions of 15cm x 15cm, they are our smallest tile but have the classic square shape.

extension with relciamed hexagonal terracotta tiles

Our KY2 are our hexagonal rustic terracotta floor tiles. As you can see the range in colours, we have actually slightly mixed in some reddish colours in here to give a beautiful contrast in tones.

Our KY3, very similar to our HAB but slightly smaller. But we love the rustic feel and look of these in this setting and sofa.


This is our traditional terracotta colour. These tiles are long and thin and look great in a herringbone pattern as seen above.

Our KR3 range in a gastropub. Many customers have asked if our tiles work well with underfloor heating or if they are suitable for or near a fireplace. Both work well and these tiles give a good slow release of heat. You just have to lay them with a flexible floor tile adhesive.

kr2 hexagonal terracotta tiles

KR2 range is our terracotta tile in natural reddish terracotta. This has a thin grout line, which looks great with this shape of tile.

This is our KR3 range and has been finished with a satin finish sealer. This gives it a slight sheen, that is common with old terracotta floors.

kr3 recatnagular terracotta tiles

Our tiles are also suitable for outdoors too! as you can see here our KR1 range at a gold club resort in Spain. If laying outside, just make sure you lay them on a concrete bed.

square terracotta tiles


As you can see, we have a large range of rustic terracotta tiles in all ranges. As we are a boutique company, we can do bespoke orders and cuts to suit your needs. Feel free to contact us for any enquiries or questions.

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