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KR3 – 19 x 150 x 300 mm ….. 22 Pcs / Sqm

Price: £61.67 (£74.00 inc VAT) per Sqm

One of our most favourable tiles. This KR3 tile offers an incredibly elegant feel to any room or space. It’s larger dimension really opens up any room becoming more expansive and really giving crisp and subtle yet stunning finish.
This tile has been laid in a number of different settings including kitchens, living areas, bathrooms, hallways, and even bedrooms.

This is a tile that works well in large expansive rooms but equally as well in smaller spaces that want to feel bigger. It is also best suited with a very tight grout line, in a herringbone pattern. However, is equally suited to a standard laying pattern.

Our Warm Terracotta Tiles are perfectly suitable over underfloor heating and for fireplaces. See below images of our KR3 – Reclaimed Terracotta Tile.

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