Reclaimed Terracotta Tiles

Restoration projects that set out to restore the relevance of architecture while maintaining the authenticity and timelessness of the building often use terracotta floor tiles for porches, kitchens and bathroom spaces and more recently living rooms and bedrooms.

We serve both warm and light reclaimed terracotta tiles that not only speak of ancient worlds both east and west but has also been used in creating contrasting interiors within contemporary spaces. The tiles are often used as a base colour within a space ready for additional accents and tones to accentuate the floor.

Evidence of our terracotta flooring can be found in anything from new build houses to prestigious hotels in the heart of London. We have supplied floors for Edwardian, Tudor and Victorian buildings to offer not only an aesthetically beautiful floor but also a hard-wearing floor that only looks better with age and wear.

Feel free to look at our Light and Warm terracotta collection and contact us to make any enquiries.