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Reclaimed Terracotta Tile Ideas

Lubelska has been sourcing and cutting reclaimed terracotta tiles for over a decade now – albeit under a different name. Terracotta flooring has not been at the height of interior fashion in the last few years, however, they have stood the test of time and remain a timeless addition to any space. We actually supply 4 different types of warm terracotta tiles and we have provided examples of all 4 below.

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KR4 Reclaimed Terracotta Tile

Our KR4 tile is one of our long, thin tiles. This tile is extremely versatile and can be laid in a number of patterns. The most popular include a herringbone pattern and certainly becomes the focal point of any room when laid this way.

herringbone pattern reclaimed terracotta

KY3 Reclaimed Terracotta Tile

Our second tile is our KY3, this is our largest warm terracotta tile and is among the most popular too. It has been laid in many kitchens and really provides warmth to space when laid. As you can see below it was laid in a country home with an aga and the whole interior of the place changes and becomes very inviting.

Kitchen terracotta tiles

The picture below shows a tile laid with a very thin grout line and then sealed with our satin finish. This finish provides much more of a Mediterranean feel and looks great in an open plan design. We personally really love this design.

reclaimed terracotta tiles

KR2 Hexagonal Terracotta Tiles

This is our hexagonal reclaimed terracotta tile and certainly provides the focal point of any room. The pattern draws your eye to the floor and looks fantastic in any space. I would mention you have had to really love this pattern and hexagonal tile as it does give a very distinctive look.

hexagonal terracotta tiles

KR1 Reclaimed Terracotta Tiles

Our last warm tile is our KR1. This is a traditional square terracotta tile. And has been laid both inside and out. Below you can see how it adds warmth to an otherwise white bathroom but doesn’t detract from the minimalist style.

Reclaimed Terracotta Tile Natural Finish

You can also see how it has been laid in a traditional country kitchen with an aga. Again this floor adds warmth to a family space and its great for any room with heavy foot traffic as our tiles all last a lifetime.

kitchen terracotta tile

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