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reclaimed oak flooring


Thickness: 2 cm | Width: 12 – 20 cm | Lengths: 50 – 250 cm
(open to bespoke requests)


Price From: £127.50 (£153.00 inc VAT) per sqm


Price From: £147.50 (£177.00 inc VAT) per sqm

Our Reclaimed Rustic Oak flooring maintains the patina of years of wear and tear. Whether externally from sunlight and weather or internally from cleaning and human contact. This oak wood flooring is incredibly rich in colour and texture but has been cleaned and prepared to be laid and is suitable for use in a period or contemporary environment, whether within the home or a commercial project.

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Ordering samples

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(£8/samples) 30cm mixed width

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Whatever your requirement, it is difficult not to love and appreciate these incredible Reclaimed Oak Floorboards that have so much character and age.

Detailed above are some dimension and price information about our European Reclaimed Oak Floorboards. As can be seen, this comes in a standard 20mm thick but we are also able to supply this in 18mm. All lengths are random with 80% coming in at between 2 – 3 metres.

This Reclaimed wood flooring is sourced from old agricultural buildings in Central Europe. Once reclaimed and detected for metal they are regularised to either 20 mm for our Reclaimed Solid Oak or 10 mm for the Reclaimed Engineered Oak Flooring. The laminate is vacuum adhered to a 10 mm WBP Birch Plywood to ensure the best possible finish. This allows the Reclaimed Oak floorboards to be laid over underfloor heating with the assurance that there will be no bowing or cupping.