A unique house with an angular asymmetric rooftop, this house, designed by Mole Architects, overlooks the estuary of the River Alde.

The house belongs to a couple, who bought a dilapidated old property on the site, which was demolished to make way for the new house.

Set in an area of outstanding beauty, the inspiration of the building was that of a seagull’s wing, but due to the risk of flooding the house was raised above its sloping site.

The house has a very modern design but employed traditional materials. Neutral colours have been contrasted with our warm brick tiles throughout the entrance hall and living room space.

The brick tiles used were our LUBR warm reclaimed brick tiles. They were laid cut facing up to provide a smoother flatter surface but still retain a rusticity and a differentiation in colour and tone.

The entrance hallway opens onto a spacious living room that shows the angle of the roof. Large windows line the walls, offering beautiful views of the landscape and the estuary itself.

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