LUBW – Warm lubelska brick tile

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LUBW – Brick Tile

LUBW – 25 x 70 x 250 mm ….. 57 Pcs / Sqm (approx)
(Dimensions may vary slightly, due to stocks available)

Price: £65.83 (£79.00 inc VAT) per Sqm

Our brand new thin brick floor tile. Slightly slimmer than our LUBR brick measuring at 7 cm in width. As they are reclaimed this no two tiles are the same and each tile slightly differs in colour and size. With pinks, through various hues of orange, red & brown, these antique bricks look great in both a contemporary and a traditional setting.

As with most of our reclaimed brick tiles, they are sourced from mainly old barns and unused houses where demolition is the only option. Through our unique and eco-friendly method, we are able to cut and clean these tiles to give a unique natural finish to the tiles which can’t be replicated.

Further note – our tiles are perfectly suitable for underfloor heating and for fireplaces. Feel free to browse our gallery and contacts us if you have any questions or to make an enquiry.

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