11 Indoor Brick Flooring Ideas

Indoor brick flooring has been used for centuries now, but only recently come back into ‘vogue’. With modern engineered brick and the use of water-based sealers. Less maintenance is required and thus, brick is a much more popular choice.


Having said that, engineered brick doesn’t provide the same feel and authenticity when laying in a period property and often architects like the juxtaposition of a modern building with reclaimed old brick tiles. 

We have been supplying reclaimed brick tiles for over 20 years now (albeit through a different name). And with the development of modern sealers, it has allowed a much easier way to maintain your floor.  

1. Renovated North London Home

Neil Dusheiko architects built an extension on a London house and used our reclaimed brick flooring in their kitchen, going out into the garden and up the wall.

A modern extension, our brick floor adds some rusticity and character. A perfect example of how contemporary and rustic can work really well together. 

Reclaimed Brick Tiles

2. Mclean Quinlan Devon Passivhaus

Devon Passivhaus by Mclean Quinland – The overall design of this house is simple, clean and contemporary. However, with this style, it is easy to create a space that feels cold and sterile. Our LUBY brick tiles used here to provide warmth yet don’t detract from the overall feel of the interior. Our GoProtect sealer also allows for the dusty finish and untouched look.

devon Passivhaus brick flooring

A brick floor is also in keeping with the brick theme of the house. This space has been shortlisted in the RIBA South West Awards 2020

Lubelska brick floor tile
Photography – Jim Stephenson

3. Rustic kitchen film set

A barn conversion turned into a rustic photoshoot and filming venue. As you can see our reclaimed brick floor was laid in a variety of patterns including herringbone, stretcher bond with an inlay pattern and border. These reclaimed bricks fit perfectly into the setting and are in keeping of the rustic interior and look of this beautiful barn. 

rustic brick floor with kitchen

4. Cornwall cottage designed by Jill Stein

A beautiful cottage designed by Jill Stein. A beautiful rental cottage in Cornwall; Jill stein bought this rundown property and restored it to its former glory. Our brick floor was used over underfloor heating and in almost the whole downstairs of the house.

Jill stein brick floor home

5. House in Surrey with a Mediterranean feel

A house in the heart of Suffolk. The interior has a very Mediterranean feel to it. In the summer days, the bricks keep the house cool and with underfloor heating in the winter, the brickwork well to conduct heat evenly. These are a very pale LUBY

Reclaimed Lubelska Brick Tiles

6. Modern house in the heart of Suffolk

A warmer brick tile. These were laid cut face up, which give a more even feel and a smoother surface. Such a modern house, they wanted to make sure that the bricks were in keeping with the rest of the property. They also wanted to make sure that the indoor brick flooring was a level surface, which can be achieved laying the brick cut face up.  

7. Brick Floor with a satin finish

This brick floor was sealed with a satin finish floor sealer. A different look tot he other floors. The satin finish offers a different finished look, without the need to use boiled linseed oil. 

warm brick tile

8. Bootroom with enhanced colour

Again, a different finish was used here. The client wanted a more reddish colour and usually, we use a colour enhancing sealer is used. However, we used a wood stainer to really give the floor colour and then sealed it with our natural sealer. We tested different bricks with the type of colour we were after and then used this all over once we settled on a particular colour. 

Rustic Brick Tiles

9. Rectory hotel conservatory

Our thin brick tile in a herringbone pattern. This warm brick tile was used in a conservatory of the rectory hotel in the Cotswolds. This was finished off with a lime wash and gives it a dusty finish. 

brick floor in parquet
brick tile

10. Country boot room

Another boot room. We love the colour coordination of all the colours here and how well they go together. This was laid in a herringbone pattern and the grout was poured on, again giving a very rustic feel. 

Interiors Photography by Alexis Hamilton

11. London Kitchen Extension

A new London kitchen extension which has recently featured in Grand Designs Magazine. This beautiful extension uses the inside out approach with our brick floor and uses our LUBY brick floor. We love the contemporary feel and the skylight in this beautiful space.

brick floor in kitchen extension


If you are looking to source brick for flooring. We have a range of 4 different bricks with the options of offering bespoke orders if need be. Feel free to look over our indoor brick flooring products here.

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