Guidelines on how to lay a Reclaimed Oak Floor

  • Reclaimed Oak Flooring will need to be stored in the ambient temperature of the room for at least 2 weeks (should be 4) prior to laying.
  • It will need to be laid on top of a WBP Ply of at least 7mm thickness, Glued and nailed.
  • A 2/3 mm gap all around each board should be allowed for expansion.
  • The oak needs to be sanded and buffed before waxing with oil.

On a concrete sub-floor.

  • The Sub-floor must be fully dried.
  • Battens should be screwed and countersunk on to the concrete. Centres should measure no more than 300mm.
  • Minimum batten thickness should be 40mm.
  • Insulation can be improved by lagging between the battens.

On floor joists

  • Hardwoods should not be nailed direct to joists over a ventilated ground floor void. Flooring will absorb airborne moisture from the ventilation and will swell.
  • We recommend that plywood of at least 18mm thickness is laid first.

On an existing wooden floor

  • One can lay over an existing floor if it is sound and level, making sure that all nails are counter-punched.
  • If possible, lay the new floor at 90 degrees to the existing floor and nail at 300mm intervals.
  • If the new floor must run the same way as the old one, lay plywood of at least 6mm thickness to the old floor before laying the new one. In both cases when you lay the new floor fix with nails of sufficient length to fix through the ply and into the old floor.


  • Use 45mm brad nails for our 20mm thick reclaimed oak boards.
  • The boards should be nailed at least every 300mm.

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