Whether you call it a boot room, a mudroom or a cloakroom – it’s usually the first room your family and visitors enter when they come into your home. Below I go through some different boot room ideas with our brick floor. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions regarding our flooring. 

This not only means a great first impression is important, but it has to be practical and hard wearing too – especially with the English weather where mud and dirt often find itself inside the house. Having space either at your front door or back door where discarded boots, shoes and coats can stay without having to walk through the house can help keep your home clean.

This is a restoration currently in process. We supplied them with our lightest hexagonal terracotta tiles. Not so much a bootroom, but an entrance hall with glass windows. Although, we do love this tile and its uniqueness. 

Typically a boot room will have a tile or brick floor. As you can see below our reclaimed brick tiles are often used in such rooms because they’re hard-wearing, easy to clean and they just look great in a country house (if we don’t mind saying so ourselves!). The great part about our reclaimed brick floor is that it only looks better with age. Once sealed correctly you have a floor that is easy to clean and can stand up to a lot of foot traffic.

To see our range of brick and terracotta floor tiles, feel free to peruse our range here!

An elegant country style boot room with a stretcher bond floor pattern. A large wall of built-in cupboards keeps everything tidy but still in easy reach.

This is more of a laundry room but was close to the front entrance. This room also has a stretcher bond floor pattern, storage space and a large sink for cleaning boots.

This is a boot room with our reclaimed brick floor. This has a herringbone pattern with a washed finish. A smaller space, but still enough room for storage including boots, umbrellas and coats. We love the attention to detail here and how well the colours go together.

Here you can see our warm brick tile in a 45-degree herringbone pattern. The brick floor really works well against the grey paint. Again this floor is extremely hard wearing and offers a lot of character to your space.

Another one of our warm brick tiles in a beautiful country house. These tiles were used with a colour enhancing sealer to really add warmth to the brick and the entrance room. Because our bricks are incredibly porous, the colour of the bricks can be easily changed and you can make them as warm or dark as you’d like. The design ideas in this room are beautiful arranged too!

This is a large reclaimed terracotta tile used at the entrance of a garden. Any marks can be easily cleaned out and once sealed correctly last a lifetime.

Not so much a boot room but an entrance hall into the main house. This incredibly unique house is built off the coast of the North Sea in Suffolk. Our LUBR tile was laid cut facing up, leaving a smoother, cleaner floor. This house was designed by Mole Architects.

If you are interested in some more design ideas for your house – feel free to check out our other projects here.

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