6 advantages of reclaimed oak flooring

Whether you’re redesigning your home or moving, choosing the right floors can make a huge difference to the aesthetic appeal.

Hardwood flooring is becoming more and more popular these days and one of the most in-demand flooring options is reclaimed oak and more particularly white oak. 

wooden oak floorboards

1. Last longer, more durable

Reclaimed oak flooring is structurally strong and high-quality oak flooring will last a long time. Unlike other softwoods such as pine. oak flooring is much more resistant to damage and denting. Reclaimed Oak is a great option if you are looking for a durable floor. This is highlighted in the fact that our reclaimed oak is around 200 years old and as good as ever.

Reclaimed oak
The raw material before it’s been treated a re-purposed for flooring

Typically the wood from reclaimed oak comes from larger, slower-growing trees. It has endured the elements more and expanded and contracted multiple times. This result is durable wood that can withstand a lot.

There are two distinct types of oak flooring – White oak and Red oak. Note, white oak is a bit harder on the Janka hardness scale (White oak is 1360 vs red oak is 1290) which means it is slightly more resilient. However reclaimed oak is on average 40 points harder due to its longevity.

White oak is a closed-grain wood which means many of the pores are plugged with tyloses. This means it is more resistant to water and decay and thus lasts longer. Increases assets value – Reclaimed oak flooring makes your house sell faster.

2. Improves with age

For a long time – reclaimed oak has been a sign of opulence and has a prestigious flair due to its distinctive qualities. If you are renovating an old building, using reclaimed oak can keep some consistency in it’s design and make sure it fits in naturally. On the other side fitting, reclaimed oak into a modern building adds character. Whether it’s period building or modern, fitting reclaimed oak will most likely increase your asset value. 

Oak is one of those great products that only improves with age. One of the great things about reclaimed materials is that each board has a unique story and history that can’t be matched from modern engineered oak. The tone and colour of the wood only get richer. Like a fine wine, the oak only improves with age. 

Installing an oak flooring is generally not Do It Yourself. It requires accurate tools, equipment and important calculations for the floor to be laid correctly. And your floor covering will only be resilient when it is set up appropriately. 

3. Resistant to fungus – Oak flooring is a more hygienic floor choice

These floors are extremely resistant to fungus and insect attacks. It does not need any expensive treatment before installation. This improves on the cost of maintenance and repair and is one of the many reasons why it is so often used.

reclaimed oak flooring
One of our reclaimed floors

Because oak is more impervious to water than other wooden flooring choices, it makes it an excellent choice for kitchens, entry rooms and areas with high foot traffic and the chance of spills and moisture. 

Please note – that although reclaimed oak is more resilient to water than others, it is by no means waterproof. It is recommended to have a good quality sealer and wipe up spills straight away.

4. A great finish and timeless design. 

Choosing a reclaimed oak flooring means you are choosing a timeless design. Whether you are laying in a period or contemporary setting – reclaimed oak will only add character. If you are looking for a more distressed or rustic look the character on reclaimed oak can’t be matched. The natural imperfections and knotting focus your eye. 

Because of its popularity and durability over-time, there is no shortage of reclaimed oak throughout Europe. There is now a large number of different styles, grades and dimensions available for reclaimed oak. From Versailles panels to parquet flooring. 

5. Oak floors require little or no maintenance at all

Unlike carpets, which need constant vacuum cleaning to keep the dust-out, oak requires little maintenance. Most oak floors have been treated and sealed to become resistant to stains and water. It becomes much easier to clean up any spills or moisture. 

Although oak – as with other wood floorings – is susceptible to scratches, this can easily be sanded out and sealed again.

Another benefit is that you always have the option to replace the damaged board and replace it rather than re-fitting a whole new floor. 

6. Reclaimed oak flooring is environmentally friendly

reclaimed oak flooring
Reclaimed oak flooring – rustic side showing

If you choose reclaimed oak flooring, you are choosing a more environmentally friendly product that new oak. Every floor that uses reclaimed oak reduces the demand for virgin wood from forests.

Helping to preserve forests rather than deplete them is a great factor in determining your building materials. As we all know, forestation has a huge impact on our environment and by using reclaimed you can decrease that demand.


The character and history of reclaimed oak is hard to match. Whether you’re looking for timeless design, to increase the asset value of your house or you just want a floor that is practical yet stylish – reclaimed oak flooring could be for you. 

I hope you enjoyed this article – Lubelska will soon be providing a range of reclaimed oak flooring. Feel free to contact us in the meantime if you have any questions. 

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